Bizarre 6" recessed light cans, need advice

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Question Bizarre 6" recessed light cans, need advice

Hello folks

The basement in our townhouse has 10 lights that the old homeowner filled with hideous CFL lights, and we want to retrofit them with new LED lights and a dimmer.

8 of the 10 lights are standard 5" recessed cans with all of the typical holes and notches for the LED retrofit clips to easily fit into. However, over the small eating area, the final 2 lights are actually 6 inch baffle cans with NO holes or notches in the side of them.

Here is a picture:

Has anyone seen anything like this before? How would I go about mounting the retrofit lights into something like this that has nowhere to attach the clips! Is my only option either to cut slices in the side of the can, trying to make a place for the clips to gr ab? Or does the entire can need replacing? Or does this somehow come apart and underneath it is the basic can with all the notches in it? I notice at the top there seems to be 2 plastic clips beside where the bulb screws in, but I'm not willing to risk taking it apart unless I know for sure I can work with whats under it.

Thanks in advance for any help
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There should be a standard metal can under the baffle, which is usually held in with two small springs. All can light components are serviceable from below, usually just by removing clips or hooks. I'd start by popping out the bulb holder by squeezing the clips at its base, then reaching through the resultant hole for the springs or clips holding up the baffle. That fixture is missing a trim piece around the opening, which may have allowed the baffle to pull up too far into the can.
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The trim piece fell off and is on my table, can't get the *******ly thing to stick back on for the life of me!

Excellent to know though, the picture doesn't show it but just as I suspected there looks to be an outer layer beneath the baffle and rest of the flat areas.. Just gotta figure out how to get it off now

Thanks very much for the information
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In your picture there seem to be some clips at the edge of the baffled area, if you pop those will it come out?
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Do you know the mfg. of the fixture ? Sometime that black baffle ring will twist and pull straight down ,there are small spring loaded balls that hold that trim in place, if you shut the light off and take another pic we may be able to see what's there better.

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