Receptacle Touching Gas Line?


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Receptacle Touching Gas Line?

I'm in the midst of a quick kitchen remodel. My previous gas stove plugged into an outlet above the counter. Because I've been doing lots of stuff to get my home ready for sale, I'm adding a receptacle on that same circuit, but behind the stove.

As I'm sitting there trying to figure out the positioning, I notice that if I were to put the receptacle within a six inch window, we'll be able to push the stove back further. The potential issue is that it would be within inches or touching the natural gas line. The gas runs through a copper pipe and though I might set the receptacle a couple of inches to the side, there would still be a real possibility that the gas line would touch it. My instinct says this should be okay, but there's enough of a risk to the question that I thought I'd ask this forum.

Any thoughts?

My plan has been to surface-mount a metal box, but I guess I could switch to plastic if that's the safer thing. Recessing it in the wall would be another option, but because it'll be behind the stove, I hadn't thought it necessary. There will be no inspections and where I live, permits aren't required.

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No problem with the box for the receptacle being near it but in many areas copper is not allowed for natural gas so that may be the real issue or is this propane?
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It's gas. The line may have been installed in 1960. I thought about repiping it when I found there was no shutoff, but I'm running out of time and what's there was working.


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