Wiring an outdoor dog house


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Wiring an outdoor dog house

Hey guys new member here first get started with a little intro. My name is Ridge me and my fiance have just purchased our first home in April. I am 22 years old and have in my opinion have much more experience in most things than the average 22 year old. I have provided for myself since i turned 16, currently I am a Construction Estimator/Project manager for an oil and gas pipeline/facility construction company. I have worked as a land surveyor, draftsman, construction superintendent, safety man, etc.. I have always found doing things myself to be a great pleasure in life and would like to continue to increase my knowledge with our new home. So now that that is out of the way lets move on to the project at hand. I am planning to run electricity to power an air conditioning unit in a dog house in our back yard (roughly 50' away). I have worked with indoor wiring before but never outdoor or wiring off of a breaker box/meter; only existing wiring. My plan is to run off the meter to a new breaker box (instead of trying to run through the brick to get to the existing breaker), I would most likely also use this breaker box for a sprinkler system. Is this a feasible way of doing things or is there a better alternative? Being in construction i have seen and been around underground conduit so i would be using rigid conduit with 3 90 degree bends which still leaves me with 90 degrees of the total allowed. What other issues do I need to be worrying about? The air conditioning unit will plug in to a gfci plug from what I know i will also need a switch before the plug and of course the proper one call notification and permits. Any insight to ensure this project goes smoothly would be great. Thank you in advance for the help and I look forward to getting to know all you guys!

Please don't turn this into how dogs that are left outside are mistreated and all the other crap....my dogs do come inside they are EXTREMELY well cared for but they can't be inside 24/7 so I want them to be as comfortable outside as they are inside...
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You cannot come off the meter. The circuit needs to come from the panel.

As the needs are light you can get by with a single 15 or 20 amp circuit.
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You'll need to use UF cable and bury it 24" or use THHN in conduit and bury it 18", the latter being the preferred method.

How big is this dog house?? Air conditioning it? Hey, to each his own. The dog will get tired of the droning, IMO, and pull a Snoopy, sleeping on top of the doghouse. Could he/she survive with a simple roof exhaust fan covered on the underside with hardware cloth? Just trying to keep fido comfortable, but make use of the dog house at the same time.

My dogs spend 80% of their time outside, but we have dog doors so they can come in at will.
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Mindful of your P.S., it's obviously up to you, and I've visited but never lived in TX, so maybe it makes sense, and will leave the proper wiring up to one of the electricians, but just a couple of thoughts... I'm in the camp of thinking the dog is not going to like the droning, and that's just the levels that we can hear. I would assume that there are associated bearing noises, etc., outside of our range that may bother a dog. Also, I believe you will find that air conditioners can be a big source of mold, etc, not healthy for us, and probably not healthy for a dog. And, in your case, perhaps worse than some, as I assume that it will be closer to the ground and subject to a lot more hair and dust than one in a more common application. I believe that I would let him dig holes as much as he wants, to have a cooler place to lay, provide plenty of shade, and you might consider getting him a small wading pool. I had one of those for my springer spaniel, and he loved that. On hot days he'd lay down in it with just hist nose, ears and eyes, sticking out, happy as a cucumber.
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You can come off the meter, but you would have to install a new main service panel there and refeed the existing panel as a subpanel from the new panel. Then, from the new panel you can install a 15 or 20 amp breaker to the dog house. To refeed the existing panel, you'll need a 4-wire feeder so you'll still have to run through the brick to the existing panel. You may as well scrap your plan and come off the existing panel with a new branch circuit for the doghouse.

Were you planning on a window unit or central A-C for the doghouse?
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I'm wondering if the doghouse also has running hot and cold water as well as a toilet connected to the sewer or septic system?

Dogs have been domesticated for over 20,000 years. Dogs were domesticated by humans far longer than was previously thought, new evidence suggests : Animals : Nature World News They also range over the entire world except for Antarctica an parts of the Arctic. Domestic Dogs, Domestic Dog Pictures, Domestic Dog Facts - National Geographic

While you may think that you are doing your dogs a service the truth is that the dog couldn't care less.

Of course if you are looking for a place to escape from your wife, truly, "in the doghouse", then continue on my friend.

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Of course this may all be for naught as rtull32 may be a one-post wonder.
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Dogs have been domesticated for over 20,000 years
Wow!! That's longer than wives!!
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Who ever said that wives are domesticated? Mine sure wasn't! She was about as anti-domestic as they come, I don't think she even knew what end of a mop to hold.

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