Digital Ballast Tripping Unrelated GFCI

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Digital Ballast Tripping Unrelated GFCI

I have a HID light powered by a digital ballast. Almost every time I turn on the ballast, a GFCI breaker that is unrelated to the circuit the ballast is on trips (The ballast is on a regular fuse). And it only happens when the ballast strikes the bulb.

I know digital ballasts are plagued with issues like current leakage and RFI that can trip GFCI breakers, but never about tripping an unrelated breaker. I have more than one circuit on GFCI breakers (Problem areas where water is a risk) but that one is the only one that trips, yet virtually every circuit's wiring runs through the area that my ballast is in. At first when I got the ballast, it wasn't tripping it, then it started to. So I figured the breaker was getting too sensitive and replaced it. All good for a while, then it started happening again.

But here's the strangest part: Sometimes when it strikes the bulb and trips the fuse, the bulb doesn't turn on. When that happens, I have to unplug the ballast and plug it back in so it strikes the bulb and then reset the fuse (If I reset the fuse and then restart the ballast, the fuse just blows again).

Every circuit in the building is completely independent of each other. If it helps, the circuit that the ballast is on is wired with Romex while the circuit that is tripping is wired with UF-B cable (It runs through a conduit outside to get to the part of the building). But I should also mention that area actually has 2 independent circuits. Both with UF-B cable running parallel to each other, both into the same conduit and both on GFCIs, yet only the one trips.

Anyone have any idea what the deal is? Any help is highly appreciated. I am thoroughly confused. At first I was thinking current leakage, but then why does only the one trip and not the other?
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Welcome to the forums.

Digital ballast ? Do you mean pulse ballast ?
Can you post the ballast number ?

Is the fixture solidly grounded all the way to the panel ?
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One other item, is it on a MWBC? If so, it shares a neutral with another circuit and can cause the tripping.

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