Grounding an ungrounded receptacle


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Grounding an ungrounded receptacle

I'm a retiree who's not really knowledgable about electrical circuits (but learning) and just moved into an older house without grounded electrical outlets. Will be having the place rewired this fall but, in the meantime, I want to protect my electronic equipment with a surge protector (bought two premium Tripp-Lites already) and grounded outlets (have new 3-prong ones also).

How do I go about doing this to a couple of outlets on my 1st floor? What kind of wire and what's a suitable grounding site? Any help here will be really appreciated.
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Wire size of the ground should match the size that of the branch circuit is wired. #12 or #14 copper.

Depending on your wiring method, you might be able to just ground to the cable/conduit if it is an approved method. AC cable or EMT conduit for example. However, if you are not sure, you should run a separate equipment grounding conductor from the outlet to the main panel. You cannot just bond it to a water pipe.
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Until the rewire you may just want to add grounded circuits for the electronics.
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Why not install a GFCI receptacle in place of the ungrounded one?
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While installing a GFCI is a code compliant way to install a grounded receptacle on an existing circuit, it does not provide an equipment grounding path which surge suppressors use to dissipate transient voltage. Therefor installing a GFCI will not help the surge aspect of the problem.

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