GFCI receptacle without ground wire


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GFCI receptacle without ground wire

I have a receptacle in a bathroom (less than 6 ft from water source) that I believe needs to be replaced with a GFCI receptacle. However, since the house is older construction, there is no ground wiring. Will the GFCI work properly without a ground wire?
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Will the GFCI work properly without a ground wire?
Yes, in fact code recommends a GFCI to increase personal safety when there is no ground wire and you need a three prong receptacle.
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This is a longshot, but it's worth checking out. Sometimes in older homes the ground wires were attached to the back of metal boxes and not extended into the box itself.

Using an analog meter, check voltage from hot to neutral. Let's say it's 119.7 volts.
Check voltage from hot to metal box. If it reads 119.7 volts, the box is grounded. I always like to confirm though by verifying the method of ground connection to box.

If you happen to have old Bakelite boxes, it is still possible there are grounds tied together behind box.

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