Is this legal?


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Is this legal?

I bought an old duplex in Montreal. Some of the electrical will need to be redone by a pro. In the kitchen they set this up for the washer. The dryer is somewhere else. First. Is this legal. Water so close to an outlet. 2. Can I move the 220 in this area for a stackable washer dryer?

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Not 100% sure on CEC, but US code would require GFCI protection for the laundry. The pictured outlet could be protected by an upstream receptacle or breaker.

We would have to see pictures of the existing 240V dryer outlet and cabling to tell if it can legally be moved to a new location. A new circuit can almost certainly be installed in the location if you choose to abandon the old one.
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It is a 1924 building so the electrical is a bit of a mess. Lots of these wires are dead.
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No issue under the NEC, except needing gfi protection under the most recent editions.
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Doesn't romex have to be protected when run on the outside of a wall like that?
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Your washer receptacle is fine. You could always put a GFCI in if it would ease your mind. Generally GFCI protection is required where you may come into contact with the receptacle and something wet and connected to the ground at the same time. Keep your receptacles so they are behind your appliances and inaccessible and you are fine.
Loomex run surface like your second picture is not ok. If you're stuck running wire on the surface of your walls, use BX (AC90) or wiremold.
No reason you can't move your dryer receptacle.

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