ac or dc lights and windy turbine


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ac or dc lights and windy turbine

hi there looking for some advice am looking to install lights in my new shed using a small wind turbine generator and 2x50ah 12v batteries. as I feel this will be more than necessary to power 2 or 3 12v led lights. this lead me to thinking, that if I replaced all the upstairs bulbs in my house with the same bulbs could I use the existing cabling and switches and as the lights would be powered from a windy generator and backup batteries would I need an ac or dc windy and would I also be able to wire directly to the lights as well as to the battery. I hope this is clear. thank you ian
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Technically, yes it would work. It may violate the building and/or electrical codes in your area, and if done incorrectly could create a safety problem.
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Just to add to Ben's reply.

You would need to generate DC to charge the batteries. Some wind generators are three phase AC with a bridge rectifier (like a car alternator) to convert to DC.

You would need some type of 12vdc charge controller so that the batteries weren't overcharged in a windy condition. The charge controller would connect to the batteries thru a fuse and fuseholder. Any loads (lights) will be connected to the battery thru another fuse and fuseholder.

I don't think I'd use the existing cabling in your house for mixed 12vdc and 230vac operation. I don't know what your codes are over there but I'd recommend using separate wiring for the low voltage lighting.

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