Gas Washer/Dryer/Bathroom Question


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Gas Washer/Dryer/Bathroom Question

Hi all, well, I had electrical questions for an apartment my brother I were building and all of you were most helpful; you answered all of my questions with professionalism and never did I feel like someone was talking down to me. So, I know I can ask away and I will get straight answers.

Shortly my brother I will embark on another renovation project. It involves my bathroom. We'll be completely gutting it out and upgrading the utilities. At the same time we will be moving the washer/dryer from it's present location to an area in the bathroom. The dryer is gas so it only needs 120volts. Of course all wiring will be 12/2 with ground and everything will be GFCI protected. My question is, does the washer and dryer need to be on a separate circuit from everything else in the bathroom?

Thank you for the help.

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EDIT: Never mind, mis-read question

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The NEC requires at least one 120V 20A GFCI-protected circuit for the laundry area, which may power any laundry related equipment that uses 120V (washer, gas dryer, iron, steamer, etc).

This should be a different circuit than the 20A GFCI circuit required for the bathroom receptacle(s).
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ibooks, thank you for the information. I'll make note of that in my notebook I'm putting together so when the time comes to wire the room I'll have the info handy. Roger
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In addition to the two circuits, all the receptacles will require gfi protection .
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pcboss - I was aware of that but thanks for the reminder. Roger

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