Switchable weatherproof metal gfci outlet for backyard?


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Switchable weatherproof metal gfci outlet for backyard?


I want to replace my double-ganger, 4-socket outdoor gfci backyard outlet (which is defective, and is poorly designed) with an all-metal, weatherproof, switchable one like this:

GE 20-Amp Backyard Outlet with Switch and GFI Receptacle-U010S010GRP - The Home Depot

While the GE unit referenced above is indeed switchable, it has only two outlets. Are there any similar units that are switchable that have 4 sockets? And also, on units like this (or preferably a 4 socket version), does the switch control both sockets simultaneously, or is one socket (or pair of sockets) always 'on' while the other socket (or pair of sockets) is switchable? Ideally, two 'always on' sockets and two 'switchable' sockets would be perfect for me.


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You may not find an all in one unit, but if you can dream it, you can wire it.
Do you want the switch inside the enclosure like pictured, or are you content having the switch elsewhere? You could always pick up this unit:
GE 2-20-Amp Backyard Outlet with GFCI Receptacles-U012010GRP - The Home Depot
And just wire a switch to control one of the GFCIs while the other is always hot.
Or buy both and nipple them together. Then the switched unit controls the one GFCI and the other two are always hot.

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