Can I add a dimmer to a ventilator fan?


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Can I add a dimmer to a ventilator fan?

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I have a ventilator fan like the above (230V, 50hz, 38 watt) - very electronic with 3 speeds, swing function, nature function etc.
Sometimes the lowest rotational speed is too fast; can I add a normal dimmer switch inline?

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Can you? That would depend on your skill level, but keep in mind that dimmers are not for controlling motors and are just for use on lighting. A dimmer could potentially damage the motor and will probably burn up quickly in trying to control a motor. It's not a smart thing to do.
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You could try a speed controller for hand tools but I can't say how well it would work. Example: Router Speed Control
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We have plug in speed controllers here in the States like Ray illustrated but you'll need something for 230v. I didn't see any plug in type models. I did see many controllers on eBay/UK that would work but are not necessarily the safest idea.

Adjustable Voltage Regulator AC SCR Motor Speed Control Controller 220V 2000W | eBay

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