Questions about mini Brush DC Motor maintenance


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Questions about mini Brush DC Motor maintenance

Roughly how many hours of constant use until the motor should be lubed with oil on the shafts?

How far into the motor is the oil suppose to go with a few drops on the shaft?

When cleaning the graphite dust out, can you simple blow out with compressed air? Or does flushing with mineral water prolong the life alot better?

How many hours until brushes are worn out and need replacing?

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Almost no normal motor needs lubrication. At least not residential. If it does, then the bushings are worn out. I have a couple of cheap fans used in dirty dusty areas and when the start to slow down I just clean it up (w/o disassembling the motor).

Mineral water? Are you kidding? Just blow it out.

When the motor stops and starts or you start to get a lot of arcing, replace the brushes and clean up the commutator.
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Brush type motors are not usually used in continuous duty applications.
What is the motor used for ??

You don't want oil in it if it collects dust as the dust will stick to the oil.
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Hi, sorry for delay in reply.

It's used for small use short periods in a plastic housing that is pretty much sealed from dust & stuff.

From my understanding the top & bottom shaft spins with some bearings & so I naturally thought some few drops of 3 in 1 type oil would be needed once & a while.

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