Battery pack for an insecticide fogger?


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Battery pack for an insecticide fogger?

Hi there, I recently got a new fogger for my house and yard. I got tired of finicky propane powered foggers so I spent more for an electric one. The Commander Tri Jet. Products - Createch USA

I've used it twice and it works great! The problem is, when I want to fog outdoors, I have 10 acres to contend with. My extension cords don't reach that far!

I am trying to think up a way to make a portable battery pack to power it so I can take it further away from the house into the field and the woods. I don't feel good about connecting a bunch of extension cords together.

The product label says it pulls 7 Amps. And it's 110/120v of course. I would be happy with a battery that lasted 15 minutes or so. I think I could do a fair amount of fogging in that time.

Oh and of course the battery would need to be easily recharged.

I figure once I know what kind of battery system might work, I could figure out how to put it together and attach it so it's actually useable.

Any ideas? Thank you.
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That's over 800 watts of power. You would need a small car battery and a possibly a 1000watt 12v>120v inverter. I can't foresee attaching any type of battery system directly to the fogger.

With 10 acres to cover you might need to design some type of cart that would be easy to move. Do you have a lawn tractor ?

Actually now that I stop back and revisit the thread.... a small compact generator may be a better option.
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When I need power outside or that moves I throw a generator in the back of a Gator. A trailer behind a lawn tractor would also work. If you don't have anything like that you could put a generator on a hand truck or in a wheelbarrow and wheel it to an area you want to work as home base while an extension cord lets you move about.
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Thanks for the replies!

Yes I do have a side by side, but not a portable generator (I have a natural gas generator for the house but of course it's not portable).

10 acres is a lot to cover. A lot of it in the middle is field, and I sometimes let the grass grow high but have been cutting it down more because of trying to control ticks.

The tricky part is I have a natural path/trail through the woods, and that is where I most want to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks, but the path is along the outer edge of the property (so getting the fogger down there is the challenge).

And yes, it would take a lot of power. The fogger is basically a vacuum cleaner with nozzles on the end to spray out the mist. It is as loud as a full size vacuum. And I'm sure uses plenty of power.

Do they make smaller portable generators? I know they make portable generators you see at Lowe's and Home Depot, but those would actually be too big in this case and I honestly can't think of another reason I would use a portable generator because I have a natural gas one for my house.

Thank you
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Honda and Yamaha(?) both make easily transported small generators that would work. Problem is they aren't cheap. You can find them at a good price many places online. "Good" being $600-700.
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I use Honda EU300i and 2000i generators. They are anything but cheap but in my experience they are very good. I would not consider a cheapie but something mid market or above should serve you well if you keep in mind that old gas will clog any carburetor if you let it sit.
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Just wondering do you have a lawn tractor and do they make PTO generator heads that work on a lawn tractor. Totally outside my knowledge level but thought I'd throw it out.

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