Outdoor outlets trip GFCI in garage


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Outdoor outlets trip GFCI in garage

Just moved into a house and everytime I plug something in to one of the outdoor outlets it trips the GFCI outlet in the garage. I am able to reset the outlet in the garage but as soon as I plug something in outside it trips again. What does this mean? Thanks for your time!
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Is it just one receptacle that does it? Is it just one thing you are plugging in or multiple items.
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Just a few things it could be.
A loose connection someplace in the circuit.
Back stabbing instead or installing the wires under the screws on the outlets.
Shared nutrual wire.
Moisture in the outside outlet.
Bad GFI.
Something wrong with whatever your it is your plugging in.
GFI's do not trip from an over load, that's what the breaker or fuse does, it trips from an imbalance in the in coming and out going power.

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