Service Mast Support


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Service Mast Support

The utility hooked up a new service drop cable. Is the way it is secured to the mast proper?

If you notice there are only 2 strands of that neutral wire connected to the clamp on the riser.

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Service Line

It's their wire. If it falls, they have to fix it.
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There is one steel strand in the triplex that carries the weight and supports the cable.
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Yes it is correct.................
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So the two strands on the clamp are probably steel? I didn't think of that... so the aluminum bear no brunt of the weight (and if it did it would snap no?)

And yes I realize if it falls they fix it.... but it also would fry the electronics in my home if the neutral is lost.
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Yes, the middle strand of the messenger wire is steel, and very strong steel at that. You can really mess up a set of $30 linesmen pliers trying to cut it. Ask me how I know.
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Thanks for clarifying for me.

The neutral wire itself, where it splits off to the clamp or the crimp... see where the strands are stretched/ spaced out a bit?

Is that ok?

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They didn't use any strands from the neutral to go thru the hook. The PoCo uses a plated all steel hanger. That part you see in the hook actually wraps around the service neutral.

Your service looks fine.... stop worrying.
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I don't know what this type attachment to the mast wire holder is called, but I have seen it used successfully in several areas. The utilities I am familiar with all use wedge clamps to attached the neutral of the ACSR service drop to the wire holder.
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The picture doesn't show how high the attachment point is above the roof but in my area a mast like that is required to have TWO backstays between 30 and 60 degrees off center from the cable to resist the pull of the service drop. Other power companies in my area would want at the very least a single backstay in line with the drop.
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