Power/conduit for fountain power


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Power/conduit for fountain power

I am looking to get power out to a fountain but currently do not have any outlets out front. I have attached a picture (hopefully it works).
There is a receptacle in dining room in between the two windows shown. I was going to pigtail off of that and put a Junction box in between the left and middle bush. Then run conduit to the left behind where that old fountain is sitting and attach a receptacle on the siding directly behind it. Using THWN single conductors. My questions would be.
1. Would this make sense? any better way?
2. What kind of J box and conduit would you use? Maybe some links? Metal / PVC
3. Would you come down and make one left with the conduit or follow the house/porch line. (Left down Left again)
4. Also could I use romex to get to the J box or since its techincally going through the siding to the "outside" should that be outdoor rating as well.

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By code you cannot tap into the dining room circuit as that is part of the small appliance circuit(s).

Do you have a unfinished basement on the front of the house?

Looking at your picture, I am guessing the switches are to the right of the door, (looking in) perhaps you could tap off the lighting circuit, fish down the wall and place a exterior box above the stoop and then go from there. It might be nice to have a receptacle on the stoop for holiday decorations. Yes, you can use standard indoor romex in the wall and feed the exterior box.
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I took and added to your picture. The black box is the possible new junction box.
Where is the new one going..... at the red or yellow box ?

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The black box was the planned J box and the yellow was the planned outlet. The interior is a "dining room" techincally i guess, but originally it was a living room. There are no small appliances in there. Just a kitchen table and lighting. Is that still an issue? Yes the light switch is right above the red box from the interior, I could do that but just didnt want the Jbox there. I was gonna just run the electric from the garage but there is only one outlet there on the other side of the wall and the light switch (which was my plan) has no neutral because of a 3 way switch

..oh and nope it is a finished basement. Any other route I could think of has me tearing up way to much drywall
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Sure, you could run conduit around the foundation from an accessible area of the basement. Or run conduit through the interior of the garage. Or trench around the outside of the house.

WRT to your "dining room", the code specifies kitchens, dining rooms, pantries and (I think) similar food prep and serving areas must be powered by SABC dedicated circuits. It would be up to a reasonable assessment of how the rooms in the house are laid out to determine if it applies in this case. Clearly you're using it as a dining room, even if not specifically intended as such.
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The size of the cable would determine if it was a small appliance circuit ,12/2 SABC 14/2 general lighting etc.
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