Plastic weather proof FSB box


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Plastic weather proof FSB box

I was doing some wiring outside and used a plastic FSB box.

I had to run conductors from two places to this box then from there to a third location...this over several days and it rained every day, so I had to open and close the box cover multiple times.

By the time I am all done, I noticed the four metal screws that go onto the weatherproof cover have already chew through the four holes on the box one too many times so the screws spin and no longer very tight.

I can't change the box now that all the conductors are in and the boxes and conduits are glued.

I could try using larger diameter screws, but they may break the plastic screw holes on the box.

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If you don't want to try larger diameter screws, remove the screws, put some liquid nails on the threads & reinstall them. They will still spin but when the glue dries, they will be secured.
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If you are using standard 6-32 screws then you will need to convert to small #6 or #8 self tapping screws.
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You could also try longer screws,they may grip further down in the box.
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There is enough "meat" in the stripped out holes to drill and re-tap for 8-32 screws. That is what I would do.

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