Electric to shed


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Electric to shed

I have a couple questions. I am wanting to run power from my house to a storage building for 2-3 outlets and 2 lights. The previous owners had a hot tub so there is a single breaker box in my back yard I want to connect it too. I know the hot tub was 220v so can I bump it down to a 110v safely by changing the breaker at the main box from a 2 post to a 1 post breaker? Then once I get the cable out to the building do I run the single wire through out the building or run each outlet and light to another breaker box inside the shed. That would give me 3 breaker boxes on the circuit which obviously seems like overkill but seems like it would be easiest. This is my first major electrical project so maybe I'm just being dumb.
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You'll need to open the spa sub panel and see if a white neutral wire has been run. If not.... you will need to pull one in if in conduit.

You should see red, black, white and green incoming wires.
Many spa's didn't require a neutral for 120v so it wasn't run.
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So they would have connected to a 2 post breaker even if it ran off 120?
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No most tubs run off 240V and 120V, so four wires and a 2 pole breaker are required. A small amount of tubs only use 240V so the white wire may or may not be there. If you replace the 2 pole spa breaker with a single pole 20A breaker, you can power a general-purpose lights and receptacles circuit.

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