Led wiring for Laser Jammer


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Led wiring for Laser Jammer

Howdy Folks

I may be posting this in the wrong spot, but either way it involved electrical. I have a laser jammer for my motorcycle. Part of the jammer is a single multicolored LED. The wire that powers this LED is made from Cat6 cable. I have already extended this wire once so I understand how fine and annoying the wires inside can be to solder.

What I am looking to do is instead of having only one LED blub I would like a strip of a few so the alerts are easier to see in daylight.

I have done some looking and cannot seem to find a straight answer. I would like to know what is the maximum amount of lights I could safely put on (I only really need like 4 LEDs), and what is the best size / kind of LED's to purchase. If anyone has some good literature to read on these topics I wouldn't mind.

I have done a fair amount of wiring in my day, but LED's are new to me and seem like an alien invention!

Thanks in advance.
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Is a laser jammer even legal in Canada?
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Yes. So how bout them LEDs?
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The general principles are to get LEDs that are driven at the same voltage that you have available to power them, look at how much current each one draws, and make sure your power supply and wire can deliver that current. For the wire, you would want to calculate the voltage drop which takes in to account the voltage, distance, current and size of wire. For the power supply it is generally expressed in watts or VA (volt-amperes) which are roughly equivalent to watts. Multiple LEDs should be wired in parallel.
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Or, if your current system has only one LED indicator you could use that to engage a small relay or solid state relay (SSR). That would allow you to run almost any number or type of lights without worrying about overloading your jammer.

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