Check rotation.


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Check rotation.

The pump im installing says "rotation should be clockwise" if flow "appears low" invert any two wires.

Is that really the best way to do this?

I'm putting it in in a fixed instalation, and 3" hoses cost a lot just to check this out. Is there a way I could use my multimeter or some other tool to check this out. I suppose I could install it like a fountain in the pool and see which shoots water higher in the air, but it seems like there should be a simpler way.

Help a relative novice.
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It sounds like you are working with a 3 phase motor. If that is the case then yes, turn off the power and switch any two wires at any location (IE: circuit breaker, disconnect, motor terminals)

There should be some location that you can see which direction the pump is turning. Just bump the motor for a split second to see which way it is going.
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It's a submergible pump. And the manual even includes the note "don't run dry to check rotation"

But it also says Max run time w/o water 2 min. So...
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Just bump it for half a second. That won't hurt anything. Make sure you label the phase conductors well so you remember rotation direction once it's in the hole. Also moving position of the breaker in the panel could cause rotation to change direction, so label, label, label!
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Thanks guys! I managed to figure it out, indeed, nothing appears to be harmed from making it run half a second. I assume they put that in the manual as standard CYA. Now for the controller but thats another thread...

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