Wireways vs. Cable tray


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Wireways vs. Cable tray

Good day. I have used conduits(IMC,PVC,RSC, etc.) all the time for the projects but this time we will be using wire ways. This is new for me so I am asking what is the difference between Wire ways and Cable trays. We will be using wire ways with cover and some are perforated cable tray. If possible, can you provide some pictures so I can point out the difference in their physical features.

Sorry if this is a simple question for others. I just want to distinguish what is the difference between this 2 as I am using this for the first time.

Thank you guys!
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As far as I know.......

Cable trays are used for low voltage wiring..... like data and phone. They are not covered.
They MAY also be used for insulated wiring like MC cable.

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Wireways are usually covered and are used for running wiring like THHN/THWN where there is no outer jacket.

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When running wiring in wireways..... care must be taken to figure the amount of load to prevent overheating of wiring. Same thing with jacketed wiring. Bundling must always be considered so as not to allow the wire to run too hot.
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Ok sir. Understood. Another question is that, can both wireways and cable tray have the same design? For example a slotted wire ways (wire ways with holes) can have the same design with cable trays?
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They can have the same design but wireways are almost completely enclosed due to the voltages that are being carried. I'm sure some of the wireways have ventilation holes but nothing like cable trays which are wide open.

Data, phone and light wiring doesn't need to be enclosed so the cable tray is less expensive to buy and generally easier to install based on weight. Cable trays are usually like a basket design rather than a solid base.
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I disagree that cable tray is mostly limited to lower voltages and communications. I have seen lots and lots of cable tray carrying 4.16 and 13.8 kV cables. Admittedly, these were in an industrial location rather than locations accessible to the general public.
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I can break it down simpler:

Cable trays are for cables. A group of wires surrounded but an overall jacket.

Wireways are for wires, Individual insulated conductors such as THHN. Wireways can also used for cables, but normally for low voltage cables.
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Cables most often pulled into cable tray is Type TC for power or control circuits.

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