equipment in garage gives me a tingle


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Are you still messing around with the same issue here.

We don't have to look closely. We can see the hack plug on that piece of NM cable.

Can you make that splice inside the box ? Yes.... but you need to make sure there is actual ground connected to that circuit where the receptacle is. If there is no ground to that box... an internal splice will not improve anything.
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yep same thing as before. Other projects have taken precedent over this one.

As far as splicing to a new ground, I'd certainly want to make sure there is a ground running back to the box. I was considering running a separate line from the box then splicing into that existing wiring to the garage into it, putting the garage on its own separate breaker.

Thx for sticking around
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I wasn't sure I understood Furd's comments of 8/31/15 at 10:36 PM. I thought he was using tool instead of receptacle. I have rewritten part of his comments below using caps where I inserted words. I had to delete his words because I don't see a way to edit by underline or strikethrough. This is by no means a criticism, I am trying to understand the problem and solution. Is my understanding correct?

Now the returning current has TWO paths back to the source, the primary path is still through the white wire but a portion of the current will now travel from the white wire AT the RECEPTACLE to the GROUND PRONG of the RECEPTACLE (DUE TO THE BOOTLEG GROUND), back to the metal case of the tool, VIA THE GREEN WIRE OF THE THREE WIRE DRILL CORD , through your hand and body to the earth where it travels through the earth back to the source through the ground rod that is solidly connected to the white wire in the serviced panel.
In tducketts case, the bootleg ground was created by tieing the white wire to the metal recetptable box and the grounding wire of the 2/3 prong adapter to the two prong receptacle frame which was screwed to the metal receptable box.
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Does the black cable have a ground wire?

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