generator voltage too high?


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generator voltage too high?

I have a 5500 watt briggs generator.

Under no load, the generator is outputting about 130 VAC.

I let it run for awhile and plug in heatgun and it drops to 125-126.

Is that excessive?

PS - The manual says not to tamper with the govener speed.

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Get a killowatt meter to check the Hz. Some meters can read Hz. I dont know how your checking the voltage.

That is normal to start with a higher voltage..

I adjust my governor as needed after warm up, buts its usually right on from my previous setting. ( just a tang with a spring attached that you move ever so slightly to increase or decrease RPM of motor)

What I do is not worry about the voltage as the Hz are more important.

Hz range from 58-62. I set my gen so I am up around the 62 Hz range, then with load it comes down to the 60Hz area.
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130 volts is fine, +/- 10% is within tolerance. +/- 10% of 120 volts is 108 - 132 volts.

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