Why do I see visible spark in power tool


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Why do I see visible spark in power tool

I recently installed new GFCI outlet and in my understanding I did not do anything wrong and first time (after new outlet install) I turned the circuit breaker on in the main panel I saw a spark in outlet ....so I was kinda nervous ...something did not feel right but I went ahead and test GFCI receptacle and it turned yellow and I checked other outlet in the circuit which was after this new GFCI receptacle in the line....(New GFCI outlet I installed is the first one in that circuit) ..there was no current at other outlet so I reset the button and hooked my senco screw driver but I saw visible spark ...I tried couple of time but it was visible spark both the times...well next I checked another corded drill and same thing...visible spark......I have used these screw drivers/drill before and never saw any visible spark either in day or night...so what do u think I have done wrong in this new outlet installation that is causing visible spark?

Of course for now I have turned off that circuit in the main panel ...and not comfortable using this circuit unless I solve the problem.
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Visible sparks where.... coming from inside the power tools ?

That is perfectly normal. Power tools use brush type motors and those type of motors create small sparks. You'll see the same sparks in battery operated tools.
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i get a slight pop when I plug in chargers, too. Perfectly normal. I never plug in a charger with a battery installed in it. I have heard it can damage things, but have never experienced it.
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As noted above, the spark in the power tools has always been there - you just never noticed it before
Generally if an outlet is wired wrong it either won't work or will blow the breaker.
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In many styles of electric motors, subcircuits within the motor are switched on and off usually several times a second. Each turn on and turn off generates a small spark.

The switch contacts, which include parts called brushes, wear down as a result of this sparking and these brushes are usually replaceable as part of the motor maintenance.

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