NEC for the homeowner?


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NEC for the homeowner?

Is there a version of the NEC for the homeowner that is written in language a novice can understand? Or do we have to reply on educated professionals and the local building inspector? Im living in a home that was built 150 years ago and was originally wired by my grandfather and his brothers, maybe back in the 30s. Lots has been done since, some OK, some not so OK. I can't always tell. Id like to understand enough about the code as it relates to a single family home so when something comes up I have a good idea of whats right and what needs some consideration. Id rather save the money some want for a whole home inspection and take inventory myself. Im not unfamiliar with basic electricity but my training and experience is in electronics and computers.
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I think the closest you will find would be the NEC Handbook which has commentary and explanations of the codes.
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Wiring Simplified is a really good overview of the important codes for residential work. It is rather inexpensive (~$10) and they have released new editions with each NEC update for the last several decades. It's a very reliable and accurate publication written in common language instead of code speak.
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I second getting the 'wiring simplified'! I've got an older copy [30+ yrs old] and while it doesn't cover some of the new stuff - I still find it very handy!
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I third "Wiring Simplified" book. I can say it got me started in DIY, and the electrical trade in general. The newest version (44th edition) is based on the 2014 NEC. A bargain at $12. The 2014 NEC is $90.
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It's a great book and guide. I would suggest you study the chapters on running a chain of receptacles, a simple circuit. Once you understand that, it will make it easier to understand how to switch certain devices on and off and still provide power to other devices on that circuit.
I think the best thing I ever learned was that the neutral is never broken, and that helps to avoid confusion when looking at several cables in a box.

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