Electrical outlet repair with NO hot wires.


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Electrical outlet repair with NO hot wires.

I have tried to search google, and various forums to no avail.

I am hoping someone could guide me in the right direction here.

I have an outlet outside. I do not remember if it was working when I moved in, or not.

I tested it with an electrical tester (verified on a working outlet, same device i used to change out the light switches inside to find the "hot" wire). Outside the outlet has no electricity, thinking this was just the outlet, i pulled it out and tested the 3 wires attached. Black (lets say left side), White (or grey) (lets say right side across from the black), and I think a smaller white (bottom right corner).

Nothing shows any "electrical current" as they have in the "tested" scenarios.

How can I fix this?

I have tried resetting breakers/ GFI switches in the house.

Every other outlet (i think so far) works fine with no issues. I have even tested the outlets on the inside of the house NEAR the outside outlet.

Any help?
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Welcome to the forums.

Generally, this is a GFCI which you have yet to find because it's hidden behind something in the house or garage.
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i will go and hit every single one (3-4) again. =/
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so what had happened was.....

I hit the one upstairs, the one in the kitchen, the one in the garage then the one in the bathroom.

what i didnt do was take the tester WITH me, as i did this. The one in the downstairs bathroom TRIPPED the moment i reset it, therefor the "main" one in the garage, was TRIPPED again. so this time I did test garage (not working) tripped. Working. tested bathroom. Working....etc etc...

outside working now....

thanks for that bolt of confidence, i was worried that a wire was cut/loose somewhere.
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Do you have a multimeter......

When I get a service call for a problem like you have I'll use an ohmmeter set to the lowest scale and check from the white/neutral wire to ground. If it shows continuity..... you don't have an open/tripped GFI device. If it shows no continuity then there is a good possibility of a tripped GFI.

This test works because at the panel end... neutral and ground are connected together. A tripped GFI device opens the neutral as well as the hot wire so if you don't see any continuity there... the neutral is interrupted.

On edit: I see you got your problem resolved. It sounds like you have two GFI receptacles on the same circuit.... one feeding the next one.... which can cause problems. You can use the first one in line to protect the entire circuit.

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