question about romex in air duct


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question about romex in air duct

I'm not sure if this is more of an HVAC or electrical questions so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I am doing some work on my basement. The one wall is unfinished on the one side and there is an air return in the plenum space in the wall. I took the temporary metal panel off that closes the plenum space on the unfinished side and there was a romex cable running through the studs horizontally across the vertical plenum space. The holes in the studs that go through the plenum space are not sealed or anything. The romex cable is NM-B. I was looking at the NEC to make sure it was up to code because I didn't think the cable was plenum rated but the language is very verbose and wanted to get a more layman's explanation. I can give more details if needed but hopefully I included all the necessary details. Is this ok or does something need to be done?
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Romex can run across a cold air return stud bay like yours is, but cannot longways through a plenum space. The holes on either side should be be caulked or foamed, but that probably was not a code requirement when the construction was done years ago. Romex is not allowed in the hot air supply side ducting.
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Ok, that's what I thought based on what I read but, again, just wanted to make sure I was understanding it correctly. The house is fairly new, I think built in 2001, so I was pretty sure the only thing I needed to change was the sealing of the hole. Thanks for the help.

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