Basement wiring question


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Basement wiring question

Hello, I am new to this site. I am redoing my basement which is down to the studs ( makes it easier). At this time i am wiring the electrical and want to make sur i am on the right track. I did my previous houses basement with an electrician friend but he has move away, so trying to remember what i did last time.
attached is a pic of what i am doing,
Any help or push in right direction would be great
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Looks reasonable, with a couple comments. Receptacles in the unfinished / storage areas need to be GFCI protected. Is wiring in the bathroom pre-existing? If not, you'll need a 20A GFCI protected circuit for the bathroom receptacles, lights and fan. Also it is customary for bathroom doors to enter inward -- looks akward opening into the kitchenette. I assume the narrow column in the center is a stairwell? Code requires the lighting in the stairwell have 3-way switches at the top and bottom. If the door at the top is an exit to the outside, an exterior switched light is required there.
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Yes the bathroom wiring is preexisting. currently the door does open out but is being replaced with another door that opens in. thank you for your help. I will make a note of the gfci in the mechanical room and the storage area. Right now there is a 3way switch at the top of the stairs and another switch at the back door. need to move the one at the back door to the bottom of the stairs then. Thanks again.
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You don't need to move the switch , just add a 4 way to the existing.
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Code requires the lighting in the stairwell have 3-way switches at the top and bottom.
In my area those 3-way switches must be lighted devices, but that might be a local building code issue. I don't believe it is covered in the NEC.

Assuming you are wiring to the 2011 or 2014 NEC, remember that each switchbox must have a neutral conductor whether it is used or not.
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If it was me I would split the red circuit into two 15 amp circuits.

Only the bathroom receptacle(s) are required to be 20 amp. The lights and fan is not.

Also per code everything other then the bathroom and storage is required to be AFCI protected. All receptacles are required to be tamper resistant.

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