Adding a switched light and exterior outlets.


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Adding a switched light and exterior outlets.

Good morning,

This is my first post here and I have been viewing the site off and on and gaining some knowledge but I have a question I can not seem to find the answer to.

My main problems is I need to add light in a dark hallway that has no power. I can add the light and connect to power easily enough the issue comes in with the switch. There is a switch in the area already but it is for a different room and I would like to just add a double switch and have them all in the same spot.

Do I need to run wires just for the new light or is it possible to tie into the current run and control both lights separately? I am fairly new to this so apologies if this is covered elsewhere.

I will also be adding some exterior outlets and have that down. But was wondering if I should just run the outdoor rated sheathed wire under the deck in conduit or leave it bare. Approximately 3 ft off the ground.

Thanks for any info.
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If the existing switch has a 120 feed you can use it to power the new light but if it is a switch loop you can't. If it is a switch loop you will have a black and white wire on the switch.

You can still put a switch ln the box by running power to the switch box or the light.

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