splitting circuit in attic


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splitting circuit in attic

I want to split a large 15A circuit into two. I've tracked how the circuit is run through the attic. I want to cut the circuit in the middle and use a metal box to connect it to a new 15A circuit.
1. What do I do with the end of the old 15A circuit that I cut? Can I just terminate it in another metal box and twist some wire connectors on the ends of the conductors?
2. I have left-over 12-2 wire. Can my new home run use 12-2 wire and be connected to a 15A breaker? Or is it better to just go buy some 14-2?
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The circuit must end in a junction box, so you can either add a new one in the attic or trace it back to the last one it left and disconnect it there then push the abandoned, deenergized section of wire out into the wall/ceiling cavity.

You can make the home run with either #12 or #14 wire while keeping a 15A breaker. The slight danger in using #12 is that a future worker might see the #12, assume it should be a 20A circuit, and unwittingly upsize the breaker. If you do use the #12, it would be good practice to make a note in the panel that it feeds #14 later in the circuit.
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Ok, sounds good. Thank you!

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