Breaker issues


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Breaker issues

Hello DIY's I am new here and I have an issue at my moms house. My sister has two fridges in the kitchen and it's been that way for awhile. All of a sudden tv's in other rooms (Bedroom, Living room) would go off when the fridge is plugged up. I tried plugging only one fridge at a time but it still caused the tv's in the other rooms to go out. Mind you, the fridge themselves wouldn't come on when they were plugged up. I found the switch at the breaker that turns them off and I switched it off. All the tv's in the other rooms work fine. But, the microwave would come on but not heat up anything. I tried plugging the fridge to many different outlets via an extension cord just to see if that would work but as soon as I plug the cord up the tv's would not work. When I unplug it the tv's would come on. I have a 20 amp breakers and the house was built in 1970 with no upgrade to the fuse box. There are only 3 breakers in the fuse box that is dedicated to a 4 bedroom 2 bath house. All this was fine for years, the only thing was that when the washer and dryer would run the lights would dim and or flicker.

I changed the breaker on the switched that was having issues to another 20 amp and still the same problem. Any solutions, hints, guesses? Please help. I can't do this myself but i do want to have some knowledge of what the culprit could be when the electrician comes out so I am not bilked out of a lot of money. Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the forums!

Do you have any 240 volt appliances? (A/C, Electric range, electric dryer) Do they work as normal?

If not, you may have a loose neutral or hot wire feeding your home. If this is the case you need to call the power company 24 hr service line and tell then you are having power issues. They will check all the outside connections and make sure they are OK for free.

If you turn off the one breaker, does everything that is acting odd turn off?

If that is the case then you have a bad connection at a device such as a receptacle or switch.
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Your house may be wired with aluminum. You need to look for a loose connection.

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