How many outlets can I have


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How many outlets can I have

I am rewiring a bunkhouse and would like to have 6 outlets, 4 recessed lights, one outdoor light and a ceiling fan. I have a 20A breaker and I was planning on using 12 gauge wire. My question is is that enough or should I try to do it in 10 gauge?

Complete rookie here, so thanks for the help!
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Welcome to the forums!

General purpose receptacles are limited to 20 amps or less, so there is really no point of wiring it with #10, Plus working with #10 would be a HUGE pain in the butt. #12 for 20 amp or #14 for 15 amp is the rule.

What you plan is likely fine load wise as long as your don't start running space heaters, or kitchen appliances. However rule of thumb is to keep the lights and receptacles on separate circuits. That way if a breaker tripped you would not be left in the dark.

Share a little background on your bunkhouse. What kind of circuit is feeding it now? Is there a panel installed?
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My question is is that enough or should I try to do it in 10 gauge?
Wire size is primarily determined by breaker size and in some cases by distance. The maximum breaker size permitted by code for general purpose 120 volt wiring is 20 amps so using #10 doesn't change anything if less than 150 feet.

I would suggest a 15 amp circuit for lighting and a 20 amp circuit for receptacles.
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Thanks for the responses. The bunkhouse is currently not wired at all. It was/is barebones. There is one main line installed underground from the main house and capped at the bunk. It is on a 20A breaker and I am told it was 12G wire. I am trying to avoid putting a sub-panel in the bunkhouse which is why I was trying to get it all on one. Its in a vacation home and would not be used regularly only weekends and vacations etc.
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Depends on the loads that are plugged in. If you are just planning on phone chargers and small electronic you shou,d be fine with one circuit.

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