GE circuit breaker box questions


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GE circuit breaker box questions

Good day to anyone taking the time to look at this thread...I've got 2 random questions about a GE breaker box, or breaker box with GE breakers in it, that I am hopeful someone here may be able to answer.

1. (most important to me) - I recently removed a GE 2-pole 30 amp breaker from my breaker panel in order to install a single pole 20 amp breaker in its place. (We removed an in-wall electric oven, and installed a microwave now in that location)

After learning that GE full size single pole breakers will not fit in the space left behind from a 2 pole slim, I installed a single pole slim GE breaker in it's place.

This has left me with a 1/2 inch gap between breakers on my box. I have put a panel filler on the access panel, but still fill uneasy about the void/gap I've now created.

Should I/could I install a new breaker (not-connected) to fill the gap? Is that any safer than just using the plastic access panel slot filler?

The internet didn't lead me to any better solution so I thought I would post my question here.

2. (less important, but important) - In doing the kitchen update, someone, not me, lost the screw for the access panel cover. I've tried to locate a suitable screw from the mason jar at home with all the extras I've collected over the years, but am between sizes, or the threads won't line up.

Short of taking the access panel to one of the box stores to match up thread and size, do any of you all have any suggestions?

Thanks again for your time.
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1. Yes, label it "unused"

2. Take one of the other screws to the hardware and match that one? It should be a standard machine screw size.
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I have an older GE breaker box and I don't believe it has any of the original screws for the cover. I was able to find suitable screws in my stash of old screws to replace the missing ones. Shouldn't be hard to find one at a hardware store.

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