move load center


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move load center

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Need to move load center, can I place all of the current wires into a junction box and attach new wire to run to new load center, I hope the drawing explains.
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It is best not to run unfused conductors further then necessary. Is there a disconnect before the box you want to move? Is the box inside or outside? Where is it in relation to the meter? Why do you need to move the box?
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In addition to what Ray wrote, the grounding electrode wire (between panel and ground rod or water pipe) MUST be continuous, i.e. without any splice.
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Generally yes it's acceptable for the normal branch circuits, but the details including the distance and relative position of the new panel to the meter are important with regard to box and conduit sizing. Larger circuits like the electric range and dryer can be troublesome if they were installed with aluminum wire, and in some cases it makes sense just to install new rather than move them. Your service entrance conductors may need to be continuous. The grounding system will likely have to be new. If you can fill us in a bit more we can give some specifics. Pictures are helpful in this case too.

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