Bad breaker?


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Bad breaker?

Hi, I had an interesting situation recently. In my detached garage sub panel I have a 50 amp main breaker and 3 - 20 amp breakers, one for all lighting, and 2 for receplacles on either side of garage. This is all fed from a 50 amp breaker in my main panel in the house. Recently I had a problem with a light fixture, and my ham-handed attempt at removing the fixture without shutting off the power resulted in short-circuiting the wiring. What I found is that the 20 amp breaker for this circuit did not trip, and the 50 amp main breaker in the sub panel did not trip. The 50 amp breaker in the main panel DID trip. I've read about this "no trip" problem with Federal breakers, but this 20 anp breaker was GE. Is it defective? Are there any other possible problems I should look into? Thanks, Steve
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No, not defective. Some breakers are just more sensitive to tripping then other do the load on them and heat. It's always a toss up in a situation like that.

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