Converting a 4 jaw meter pan to 5 jaws


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Converting a 4 jaw meter pan to 5 jaws

I have a meter socket that accepts 240. However it does not work with meters that have a third metal to connect to Neutral. Could could I add a piece that will accept the neutral terminal of the meter - or do I need to change the entire meter socket?

(This might be rare - it could be that only in NYC they use meters that need to connect to neutral in order to operate)
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I would think you would need a new socket.
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Welcome to the forums.

I changed the title to better reflect your problem.

The clamps that connect to the meter are called jaws. I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a 5 jaw meter. All the residential ones I've seen have always been 4 jaw.

I would severely doubt that you could add a 5th jaw which leaves you changing the entire pan.
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Changing anything that is not recommended by the mfg. would void any UL listing,check with the mfg. and see what they may offer.
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I would think the only option is to contact the manufacturer of the meter socket and see if they offer a field conversion kit. Another possibility would be to see if they offer a 5 jaw socket in the same box configuration which you could buy and swap out the guts without having to change the whole socket.
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I would agree with checking with the manufacturer but keep in mind all the pertinent information is inside a locked meter pan.

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