Holding a light fixture while connecting wires


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Holding a light fixture while connecting wires

I'm reinstalling an exterior wall light fixture. I'm having a little trouble holding the light fixture while connecting the wires. No helper is available. Any tips for holding the fixture? I suppose I could attach it to my forearm with bunji cord.
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I attach the ground first and let it hang from that while I make the other connections. You can also rest it on a ladder.
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I had the same problem a few months ago, upgraded my exterior lights to something more contemporary and better quality. Above the garage was a whole story in th air, so I was up a ladder and th new lights were heavy. I made a sling from an old bungee that has t old style plastic-coated metal hooks on the end, I just bent one of the hooks inbetween 2 bricks. Worked fine for the 5 minutes I needed it held. Widened it a bit when I was done and used it again for the other side, no problems.
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Holding Fixture

I use a piece of Romex ground wire with hooks on both ends. One hook on the box and the other on the fixture. Discard the wire when done or keep for the next job.
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This got me thinking (dangerous action) but isn't time for more modular design for things of this nature? I mean, you should be able to wire in a (industry standard) plug or female connector (very small and light). Then the actual lamp or fixture snaps in or plugs into that. And globes, shades, shrouds and the like in turn snap into place. No third hands required.
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I used a small bungee cord to suspend the fixture from the outlet box while I connected the wires. Thank you folks for your suggestions.

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