White and Black to Switch and end of line?


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White and Black to Switch and end of line?

Removed 1970s ceiling fans and dial speed controllers. Replacing with light fixture and single pole switch. Assume ceiling fans and wiring were installed after original build as fan wiring is all copper (original house wire is aluminum). No problem replacing switches in two rooms (black and ground to the switch, white connected together), but got to the third room and see that there's only one romex lead coming into the box (on right), nothing going out. Must be end of the line.

Does white wire get connected to the switch in this case?
If so, does it matter whether it's connected to top or bottom?

Second question, in two previous rooms I conected black wire entering box on left to top of switch. Right side black wire to bottom of switch. Is that critical, or not matter at all?
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On a single pole switch the terminals have no polarity or direction.

Where you have white and black on the switch.... that's a switch loop. Power comes to the switch on white and returns switched to the light/fan on black.

We recommend taping or coloring the white wire another color like red, black or blue so that it's not mistaken for a neutral.

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Thanks for the reply. If I'm interpreting your reply correctly, the white and black get connected to the switch at the end (or third room as I called it).
Also, it doesn't matter whether they are attached at top or bottom on a single pole switch.
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What was it like before?

You would connect the new switch in the same manner as the old switch, white wire and all.

(It does not matter if wires on top and bottom got reversed for a two terminal switch not counting the ground screw, and the meaning of top and bottom for a 3 or more terminal switch can vary from one brand to another, but it is still a good habit to label each wire before unhooking it.)

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