Remove 50 amp breaker


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Remove 50 amp breaker

Here's my situation:
I have an electric stove that is running off of a 50 amp breaker. I am replacing the stove with a gas stove that requires a 20 amp breaker.

I have room in the bottom of the panel to add a new 20 amp breaker for the stove and run a new line for the plug.

Can I just remove the 50 amp breaker and leave that slot empty? It's near the top of the panel where all of the breakers are 50 amps. I don't want to remove it and find out I've broken the electrical flow of the panel.

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You would not break any current flow by removing the breaker. Why do you need to run a new receptacle circuit for the gas stove? They use very little current and can usually be plugged in to the nearest counter top receptacle.
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If you remove the breaker, you would need to fill the slots with blank plastic covers to prevent someone from sticking their finger into the panel guts. It's best to just unhook the wires from an unused breaker, leave it in place, and mark it unused on the panel label.
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It is always better to run a new circuit for a gas kitchen range rather than remove the circuit for an electric range, the next person to own the house may prefer an electric range.

IF your new gas range requires a 20 ampere circuit it must have a fair number of electric options like a warming oven, a convection fan and maybe even a downdraft exhaust fan. IF that 20 ampere figure is correct then you need a new circuit from the circuit breaker panel to the new range.
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Thanks for the responses! According to the documentation, the stove is supposed to run off a dedicated 15 amp breaker (my mistake for saying 20 amp). I've decided to leave breaker in the panel but flip it off in case it is needed for anything in the future.

Thanks again!

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