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Shop Power Strips Daisy Chain


I'm new to these forums. After quite a while of searching for an answer to a specific question I can't seem to find a question similar to mine anywhere on the internet. I was hoping the kind folks on this site could provide assistance. I know as a general rule you do not daisy chain power strips that multiple devices are using. I became unsure when you would only be using one device at a time.

My situation is: I have a wood shop in the making, but a total lack of wall outlets. I have a long bench with different machinery all along it and a wall outlet at the very end. I was thinking on running one power strip to the left side of the table and plugging another power strip into the last slot of the first power strip to provide power to the machinery on the far side of the table. Obviously I would never have more than one of these machines operating at any one time.

Would this be safe to do?

Thank you for your time and thoughts!
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Power strips are really extension cords. Extension cords are for temporary use. Install as many receptacles as you need. You could also use hard wired Plugmold. Long surface mount receptacle strips.
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Well what you are proposing to do is not totally unsafe to do it's definitely not a recommended practice for multiple reasons. But something like this: Shop Wiremold 10-Outlet Metal Power Strip Built-in Circuit Breaker at fit your needs? They actually make the letter much longer than this one also. It would certainly be a much better solution, look cleaner and be much safer especially since it has a built in circuit breaker
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Thank you kindly for the replies. I had considered that idea Msradell. It's between getting one of those or just installing a new wall outlet for a permanent solution. The other idea just crossed my mind because I already had all the materials to make it happen, then I couldn't necessarily think of why it was necessarily dangerous if I didn't run anything at the same time and I didn't run anything high powered off of the second power strip.

Thank you again for your thoughts and insight.

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