Upgrading an APC UPS SUA2200 to a SUA2200I?


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Upgrading an APC UPS SUA2200 to a SUA2200I?

Ok, I was looking on eBay for SUA2200 Smart UPS. I currently have a SUA2200NET and need to get a second one.

Well, during my searching, I came across a SUA2200 and a SUA2200I. Now, at first glance, these seem like basically the same unit with some minor additions for the SUA2200I. However, looking at the APC web site to get the stats, they are further than just similar. Or, at least, in their Input/Output voltages.

* SUA2200 has an Input/Output of 110/115 Volt
- SUA2200
* SUA2200I has an Input/Output of 230/240 Volt
- SUA2200I

* Please note that for the first visit, you will need to select your country on the APC site. Kinda stupid when you're just looking up specs. Ohwell.

As you can see, the "I" designation is double the voltage input/output. What I am curious about is, Is it possible to take a SUA2200 and add a component or two or such, and upgrade the SUA2200 to an equivalent SUA2200I. More so, my SUA2200NET I would like to upgrade to Output 230/240 volt if possible. I do notice there are several spots for large capacitors. Second, I thought it was kind of odd that the 2 transformers are wired in "series". Could this be an area where there could be room for modification?

I have tried looking for schematics or diagrams, but I haven't found anything useful. I will continue to search, though.

Thanks for any input on this.
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You're not going to find a schematic of a proprietary built product.

I am a pretty good technician and wouldn't really consider a modification like that.
I would severely doubt it's just adding a part or two.

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