Heat tapes


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Heat tapes

I'm considering installing heat tape on my roof to prevent ice dams (yes, I know, I should look at the insulation first, but I believe this is one case where I really do need the heat tape). It would be installed close to a shed that has a light bulb. The contractor I'm thinking of hiring suggested getting one of those light socket adapters and plugging the cable into it to avoid installing a new GFCI receptacle. Is that acceptable and safe? I don't want to burn my house down.
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avoid installing a new GFCI receptacle....... Is that acceptable and safe?

You install a GFI protected device for safety. If you don't install it there is no safety consideration.

I don't think too much of a contractor that suggests a connection method like that.
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A light socket isn't even grounded, let alone GFCI protected. The idea is a non-starter.

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