Code requirements for drilling through fireblock?


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Code requirements for drilling through fireblock?

Hey everyone,

Here is my current conundrum. I have a flat screen television that I am trying to run cables through the wall. I have a CE TECH IN-WALL Power Cord and Cable which, should allow me to be within code if I install this (since it ensures Romex is running behind the wall, and reduces the need to wire an entire new box behind the TV). CE TECH In-Wall Power Cord and Cable Kit-A32-KW - The Home Depot

However - There is a Fireblock

One option would be to forego the flexible ENT tubing that separates the Lo-Vo from the Romex tubing, and I can cut the small notches in the fireblock and run the cables. But this reduces the ease to replace or run new LoVo cables should I ever desire and increases the risk of potential interference.

So then I need to somehow run this flexible ENT tubing through the fireblock. My concern, is that the size of ENT is too large to run through fireblock, and would result in being out of code. For example, my understanding is that notches in studs (including fireblock?) is no more than 25% of the width of the stud, and the hole can be no larger than 60% of its width. Is this also the case with Fireblocks (assuming use of fire graded calk to close of gaps post drillings/notching)?

Can I possibly get some help in understanding what the limits are, and whether, I can go large on notches in the fireblock since it is not used to support weight, but is more a fire safety standard.

My concern is that, in order to run these wires, code will not allow the use of the flexible ENT with the presence of a fireblock.


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Welcome to the forums.

The percentage of cutting or notching a stud takes into consideration the load bearing capabilities and strength of that stud. There is no load bearing capability with a fire stop. The firestop is placed horizontally between wall studs to stop the flow of fire thru a wall cavity.

I've seen plumbing pipes thru the firestop. As far as I know..... you cut the hole or notch to whatever size you need and then reseal the firestop around your "conduit".

That brings up a point.... how would you drill or notch the firestop.... cut the rock open ?
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first of all, thanks for the quick and thorough response. It is a huge help, as now I can ensure I have a divider between the 120v ROMEX and LoVo HDMI cable.

In terms of the access to the fireblock, yes....since I can notch the fireblock, will just cut open the sheetrock where the fireblock is, and use an Oscillating tool to cut the 1 1/4" notch in the 2x4 fireblock. The seal with fire graded calk/foam and then cover with a metal plate. The just patch and re-surface for the knockdown texture. It may not look 100% exactly as the original, but I still prefer the clean look compared to the external cable routing options. Only time someone will notice is close up to the wall, which will be few and far between.

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