Portable generator inlet plug INSIDE garage


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Portable generator inlet plug INSIDE garage

Is there a gen inlet plug that can be cut into wall and wired into service panel? I'll be running the cable outside (under my garage door) into the back yard to plug into generator, but do I need a gen. inlet box mounted since it's not being mounted outside? I'm not an electrician and not sure it's code compliant.
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You could put an L14-30 (inlet) in the wall. I've only seen them with the weather proof cover since you need the male version. I believe it will install in a two gang box.

Bryant 71430MBWP Weather Protective Power Inlets

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I'm not an electrician and not sure it's code compliant.
Another point for your concern is that -
I'll be running the cable outside (under my garage door)
Doing so will subject the cable to possible damage over time. Why don't you mount the inlet such as this type (or the like depending on your generator) on the outside wall - Generator Inlet (for outdoor use). Over a period of time hitting the cable with the garage door may damage the cable.
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Thanks for the input guys. I have a dual gang box and cover with round hole--just need to get inlet plug to mount. Electrician told me to wire the cable straight to the panel and eliminate the inlet and female plugs. Just don't think that's to code.
As far as the cable, I have a small 2"x2" slot at the corner of my door that will allow for plenty of clearance so the garage door will not actually be ON the cable. My problem is the service panel is on the side of the garage where I cannot put generator safely (ie. nothing to chain it to, which really isn't thief-proof). So I have to run cable about 30-40' behind locked gate for it to be safe in the back yard. Suppose I could wire the inlet plug to other side of garage and put inlet box on back yard wall. What's max footage to run inlet plug wires back to panel? I have a finished garage with no attic, so this may not be worth it.
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You want to minimize the length as much as possible when working with a small portable generator -- or upsize the cable to the next size. Some like up to 50' would be ok, but by 100' I would definitely want to upsize. Small generators have enough trouble maintaining voltage without a ton of extra cable in the mix.

You could do a cord installed right to panel if you provided some kind of "permanent" support for it and a strain relief fitting where it enters the panel, perhaps a mounted garden hose hanger for storage. The inlet does allow a little more flexibility for storage and replacement of the cable though. By the time you bought the cord fittings and braided grip I don't think you'd be ahead on price one way or the other.
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Yes, I believe 30' will do but I have 40' to be safe. It's a 7500/9000 generator, and I'm using 10AWG cable. I can go to 8 if needed, but 10 should be fine. I have a 200 amp panel and it should run everything but the large AC unit....hell it may even start that up. That will be the first load test. We have gas stove, heat and water heater, so elect. load should be light.

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