208V to 460v


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208V to 460v

I need some guidance on running a horizontal baler with a 30 HP motor inside my warehouse. Electrician explained to me that my warehouse is setup for 208v.
The electrical requirement to run the baler are the either of the following:
Voltage- 230 3-phase, Amperes- 76.0, fuse amps-90, disconnect size 100, Min wire size- 4.
Voltage- 460 3-phase, Amperes- 38.0, fuse amps- 50.0, disconnect size-60, min wire size -8.

From what I was told if I run the baler with the 460 I will use less electricity. We plan to run this baler 8 hours a day, what do I do to run the baler with the 460V if my warehouse is setup for 208v?
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That would only be the case if you had a 480V service to your building, which apparently you do not. You'll have to check with the manufacturer of the machine to see if 208V is acceptable instead of 230V. Most motors would be capable of dealing with that, but some would not. Another option would be to get a boost transformer to bump the 208 up to 230V. This is a big machine to run on 208V though.

Do you know how many amps your 208V electrical service is? Are there other machines also running on this same service? Is there a higher voltage available outside?
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Cost of installation would certainly be less IF you had 460-480 volt three-phase available but operational costs would be almost identical. If all you have is 208 volt three phase then the cost of the necessary transformer would completely wipe out any possible savings.

Often machinery made for operation at 230 volts can be used on 208 volts. If yours cannot you CAN install what are called "buck-boost transformers (two of them) in what is called an "open delta" configuration to to boost the 208 volts to 232 volts at a much lower cost than a 208 volt to 460 (480) volt three-phase transformer.

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