Kitchen Renovation Few Electrical Questions


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Kitchen Renovation Few Electrical Questions

New to the forum and I'm renovating my kitchen, right now its down to the studs and I'm trying to make sure I get all my wiring correct the right way before the drywall goes up.

I'm buying a induction cooktop and I checked all the documentation but I can't find any where that tells me the length of the cord from the cooktop. Right now I have a range and the junction box on the wall near the floor. How long is a average cooktop power cord ? I need to know if I have to raise the junction box.

Second question: I bought a wine cooler and a beverage center they are going to go side by side, I know in Canada a full size fridge needs its own circuit but do 2 small fridges need their own circuit ? I've been trying to find the wattage online to figure out the amperage but I can't find that either. Can I get away with 1 20amp circuit ?

Thanks in advance
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You have to supply the cord, it doesn't come with the range. The typical range cord is about 3 feet, but I have seen them up to about 6 feet. Check your local hardware or electrical supply company. Most ranges can be wired with either a 3 wire or 4 wire version to match the circuit in your house; HOWEVER, induction cookers use a lot more technology and sometimes require a higher power than a standard electric range. Verify your existing circuit is compatible with the electrical requirements in the induction range installation manual. A standard range circuit is 40A -- I've seen induction units that require a 50A or 60A.

Sorry, I don't know the Canadian code well enough to answer part two. Standby for one of the Canadian members. Electrically it should be fine as modern fridges are quite energy efficient and several would not overload the circuit.
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While Ben is correct that a range (combined oven and cooktop usually does not have a cord from the factory a stand-alone cooktop often DOES have what is called a "whip" and that is usually flexible metal conduit with separate conductors. Most of the cooktops I have seen have either three or four foot long whips. Remember that you must have a certain amount of slack in the whip to allow for installing the cooktop.
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Two beverage coolers will be fine on a 20A circuit. Most don't exceed five amps.

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