Convert AC/DC converter power source to direct, 12V DC?


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Convert AC/DC converter power source to direct, 12V DC?

Hi, all...

I am brand, brand new to the board.

i am trying to develop a self-contained surveillance camera rig. This rig is for moving from one vehicle to another for covert surveillance situations. (I'm a PI). I will have it in a medium-sized Pelican case; DVR, monitor, power supply, switches, etc. all packed in there. The cameras will be at the end of 10-15 ft cables running back to the case.

It will be based on a 12V DVR with various types of cameras, depending on the particular case/application. The monitor will be simply for ensuring the cameras are aimed/framed where I want them to be. The monitor is turned off most of the time.

The DVR and the monitor are both powered by this same battery pack, with an on/off switch for each.

My problem is I'm trying to rig this 12V system to a 12V battery pack. The DVRs I have all come with 110v AC/12V DC adapters. Since I won't have a place to plug the adapter in, I want to skip the adapter and get power directly from my rechargeable battery pack.

The battery pack I have (it's a Tenergy 12V 10000 mAH side-by-side, 120 watt-hour unit) works great for me in this exact application, just with a different DVR. So, I know it CAN be done. Someone else built it for me and I just don't know how to do it.

The AC/DC adapters have a connector that plugs into the DVR. I've tried to figure out if I could just hook that particular connector into my battery pack's circuit.

I'm pretty ignorant about this. I've tried to cut the connector off and wiring it into the battery pack's wiring, but that didn't work. Maybe that won't work and I have to "hard-wire" it, I don't know. And I've kind of Googled around trying to figure out how to ask the question.

Then it occurred to me to find an electrician to ask.

Ta-Dah! And here I am.

Maybe I'm way off base, but it seems that if the DVR is a 12V system then I shouldn't be too many steps from being able to power it from a 12V power source.

Any and all help/ideas would be appreciated. If you need to know something else to help/answer, let me know and I'll try to find it out.

But, slow and use little words.


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It will work as long as you get the polarity correct on the DC power plug. It needs to match the polarity from the factory 12V power adapter. What this means in practice is that the the two wires from the DC power plug need to connect to the correct (+) or (-) terminal on the battery. One of the wires will go to the "outside" of the sleeve connector; the other will go to the inside of the sleeve connector. Depends on the device which one is positive and which is negative. There might be a diagram similar to this one printed or stamped somewhere on the device which tells you the correct configuration.


The situation where it might not work is if your DC power connector has more than two terminals. More electrical troubleshooting would be necessary in that case.
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Thanks!'s possible that RED in the converter cable might not be the same as RED coming from the power source?

Duh! i should have checked that. I'll re-try.


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