Circuit breaker question


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Circuit breaker question

Am currently noticing that a kitchen lighting circuit will 'blink' every once in a while and wondering if it is necessary/prudent to occasionally just change out with a new breaker [as far as I know the circuit is not overloaded]? Do they wear out?

Have been in the house about a dozen years and only swapped out 1 because I could hear it clicking/chattering when the circuit was in use [arcing?].
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Might just be a loose connection or switch going bad. Changing the switch is quick and cheap. If that doesn't help start checking the connections. Redo any wire nut connections.
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Breakers rarely go bad. I think your problem is elsewhere.
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If this is a can (recessed) light it might be the thermal cut off switch. Can happen if the wrong type or wattage bulb is installed.
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Does this happen when a heavy load is turned on,i.e. air conditioner etc.
How long has it been going on?
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I have seen this happen from several different faults:

- The bulb is loose
- The bulb is bad, but is making contact most of the time
- Loose connection in the wiring
- Bad switch
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A refrigerator starting is a common cause of a light flicker even though it's on a different circuit.

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