Need help with potentiometers


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Need help with potentiometers

I am building a throttle quadrant for my a320 sim, and I need a way to connect two sliding potentiometers to my PC with a USB. I have read that you need some io boards and arduinos and stuff, but there is nothing helpfull for me. I don't know anything about electronics and soldering and stuff, so as much info as possible is appreciated!
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You need an analog joystick (which contains potentiometers). I don't know if they make USB versions. You will also need the driver to use the joystick.
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The easiest and possibly cheapest way is to simply purchase a throttle quadrant instead of trying to reinvent and fabricate the wheel. There are tons of control yoks/sticks, throttle quadrants and other input devices for simulator use. By the time you buy all the components, fabricate the hardware, assemble, wire and program the $50+ cost for something factory made that looks cool doesn't sound so bad.

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