GFCI trips when downstream outlet hot wire is connected


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GFCI trips when downstream outlet hot wire is connected

I have a GFCI outlet that keeps tripping, the red bottom keeps popping up, won't stay in. I replaced GFCI outlet and it worked fine for two days, now today, it started to do the same thing, so I started to check the downstream outlets, and I found out that if I disconnect one of the downstream outlet, the GFCI works fine, so I put a new outlet in, but as soon as I connect the hot wire in this downstream outlet, the upstream GFCI would pops up. can anyone tell me what's going on ?
Thank you
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Welcome to the forums! IF there is another receptacle beyond the one you are working on, it could have a fault even further downstream. Check to the very end and I think you will find a chafed wire or other reason for the fault.
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Hi chandler, Thank you.
I think that outlet is the last one on this GFCI, is there any other possibility?
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You have a GFI receptacle with one downstream receptacle that trips. You removed the black wire from the GFI and it no longer trips.

Try leaving the black wire and removing the white one.

A short between white/neutral and ground will also cause the GFI to trip. Usually if there is a short on the black side the breaker will trip unless it's a short to ground.
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Hi PJmax, Thanks, I will try to disconnect the white wire to see if upstream GFCI still trips.
The circulate breaker did not drip, only the upstream GFCI trips.
If I disconnect the white/neutral wire and connect the black hot wire and GFCI does not trip anymore, what I should do to fix it. should I just let the neutral wire disconnected in the outlet ?
Thank you.
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Trying it with the black connected and the white disconnected is to help narrow down on the problem.

You must not put things back together except leaving the white wire disconnected.
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My friend and I traced down the downstream outlets all the way to the backyard, and found one of the outdoor outlet has some dirt build up by ants inside the outlet. Replacing that outlet fixed the problem. Thank you for everyone's input, they are very helpful.
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Good job of detective work. Thanks for letting us know.

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